My Endeavor – 1st place winner,”Prompt : eating so much at a Chinese buffet that you are kicked out”

Beef Lo Mein, Fried Rice and Crab Rangoon

It’s 5’oclock, I’ve been here since noon!

Wonton soup and General Tso’s

I’ve filled myself from head to toes!

Egg Foo Yong and Chicken wings

I gorge myself with rolls from Spring.

Sesame Seed Beef, fried lumps of bliss

Oh, egg rolls that I almost missed!

Beef on sticks, chicken too

Don’t forget the duck sauce goo!

Four Happiness, Marco Polo’s Delight,

Scallion Pancake and dumplings, try as I might

I cannot stop, I’m pushing through

My stomach is bulging, I might just spew

Management and staff group together

Discussing my gluttonous endeavor

To eat them out of house and home

Kick me out?  Or leave me alone?

They are curious you see,

How much food can fit into little ole’ me?

By closing time the humor is lost

Their curiosity is not worth the cost!

They toss me out, out on my rear

They’ll call the police if I ever again come near!


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