Sitting on the curb- Picture Prompt Contest Entry

Sitting on the curb and the sun is setting low,

I cannot go inside and I have nowhere else to go.

My parents are at odds again, all they do is bark

I want to be in my room not out here in the dark.


I cannot take the screaming or the crying that comes near the end

My father will not back down and my mother will not bend.

I don’t think they even remember how to love each other

I cannot help but wonder if they think of me or my baby brother.


So here I sit awaiting the slam of bedroom doors

So I can go back inside at the end of parental wars.

I’ll check on little brother and make sure he’s asleep

Then I’ll lay in bed and try to count some sheep.


The wars will start again with the rising sun

My parents just can’t stop, it all will come undone

I swear I’ll never marry, no one will catch my eye

That way I’ll never hurt someone I loved by having to say goodbye.


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