Full Dark, No StarsFull Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a excellent collection of Stephen King’s work in short stories. Although I prefer his novels in general I would recommend this books for those of you who enjoy his darkest side.


The first story was classic Stephen King! It was a look at a struggling farmer and his family (a teenage son and an unhappy wife) in the year 1922. It’s written as a long confession letter and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Big Driver

**TRIGGER WARNING FOR RAPE SURVIVORS** this story was a struggle for me to get through as it starts with a brutal rape and continues with the survivor dealing with the issue. However the ending was worth the discomfort for me…ish. If you are a survivor and triggered by rape stories (I would equate this with the scenes in Girl With a Dragon Tattoo) then skip this story.

Fair Extension

This was the shortest of the stories and was slightly humorous though as dark as the rest of the four stories. It will make you look at your best friend a little differently.

The Good Marriage

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and had a similar idea for my own work though I’m not sure I could have written it as well as King did. As with all of Mr. King’s writings, it will make you look at your spouse differently, especially if they are perfect in your eyes.

All told, very worth the read.


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