You lay a pox upon my heart.
I knew you do it from the start.
Still I walked by your side;
all my doubts, fears, I did hide
to convinced myself that I was wrong;
our friendship was deep, forever strong.

Still you wound me deeper than a lover.
Now, how shall I work to recover
Who I was before we met?
Had I known then what I’d forget
I would have walked immediately away,
knowing my love wouldn’t make you say
“I’m sorry that I was such a bitch,
my drinking was a senseless itch!”

Instead you went and ran away
and still I sit here, I stay
like a pet abandoned by its master,
the gulf between us so much vaster
my strength and pride will return someday
and fate, to you, unkindness will repay.

Then you’ll turn and think of me
and wonder where I might be.
I’ll be here, my friendship is true
Tell me, then what will you do?


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