You see me as weak,
that much is clear.
I cannot remember
why I fight to stay near.

I’m not like you.
Not like the rest.
I’m honest and loyal,
‘been put to the test.

Peace to us both now.
Long the war raged!
While we stood counting,
both of us aged.

Time moves faster;
still so much to do.
Just never thought I’d do it
without the strength of you.



I am the flame
that quenches
He is a drowning
tidal wave

A hiss of steam
where we touch
a scalding mixture
of we two

Earthquakes when we
Brimstone when he

Her temperament’s a raging
the raindrops her

Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)Storm Front by Jim Butcher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, I’m re-reading this now because I never got to the last 4 or 5 released and wanted to start from the beginning. That’s how much I loved these books the first time through!

I’m completely blown away by the negative review of this book (see first review on Goodreads). I consider myself a feminist and I see absolutely nothing sexist or “misogynistic” about these books. Dresden is a gruff, sometimes rude character but I cannot fathom such a strong negative reaction to this book. If you like supernatural crime novels (reminds me of the early Anita Blake novels) then you’ll like this series.

If you freak out about things like Dresden being a bit old fashioned, then go elsewhere. The character is gruff but lovable and the series gets better with each book. I have run into many people, male and female, reading these books in a public place and never (until now) heard anyone say anything bad about them. I personally don’t like his other several series but I adore the Dresden books.


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Just After SunsetJust After Sunset by Stephen King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For years I skipped King’s short stories, a format I didn’t enjoy, and only read his novels. Now that I have read most of them, and have taken to writing short stories myself, I started to pick up each of his collections.

I throughly enjoyed this book and think they are some of his best work. I’m not going to review each story but a few I know will stick in my head permanently, for better or worse.

Worth the read. I flew through it quickly and would recommend it to anyone who likes King’s work.


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Offer all, it will be taken

Save and lose it all

Be upright and you will eat dust

Protect and be bludgeoned


Faithfulness, labor, trust have no place here

Job understands my sorrow

Accept misfortune

Give grace

Live, if only to die

Speak and know you will not be heard


Let go and fall into the arms of faith

There is nothing left but surrender

Full Dark, No StarsFull Dark, No Stars by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a excellent collection of Stephen King’s work in short stories. Although I prefer his novels in general I would recommend this books for those of you who enjoy his darkest side.


The first story was classic Stephen King! It was a look at a struggling farmer and his family (a teenage son and an unhappy wife) in the year 1922. It’s written as a long confession letter and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Big Driver

**TRIGGER WARNING FOR RAPE SURVIVORS** this story was a struggle for me to get through as it starts with a brutal rape and continues with the survivor dealing with the issue. However the ending was worth the discomfort for me…ish. If you are a survivor and triggered by rape stories (I would equate this with the scenes in Girl With a Dragon Tattoo) then skip this story.

Fair Extension

This was the shortest of the stories and was slightly humorous though as dark as the rest of the four stories. It will make you look at your best friend a little differently.

The Good Marriage

I thoroughly enjoyed this one and had a similar idea for my own work though I’m not sure I could have written it as well as King did. As with all of Mr. King’s writings, it will make you look at your spouse differently, especially if they are perfect in your eyes.

All told, very worth the read.


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All female flight team asked….

I finally found something to blog about! First, read this article from one of my favorite websites, I Fucking Love Science…

All female flight team asked….

Really?  The implications being that we can’t handle not wearing make up (most of us love no make up, it’s why it comes off the second we get home…like our bras), no men (ummm really? Plenty of women live a full life without a single man, ask Ellen) and we are also fine without washing our hair (says every mom at some point point in that life long job)!

Annie Get Your Gun opened on Broadway in 1948 with the song Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better! and we still have to sing it every day.