Nirrvana grew up in small town in Southern Massachusetts and now lives on Cape Cod with her longtime partner, Lloyd. She is an avid gamer, comic book collector, paranormal enthusiast and an all around pop culture maven. She also frequents trivia events and complains that no one will play Trivial Pursuit with her anymore!

Nirrvana works as private child care provider and is less than a year away from her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a focus on Fiction.  She plans to attend graduate school and is currently exploring her options.  Her passion for world religion and culture provides the inspiration for much of her writing though her work is eclectic as her personality and she claims that writing is “a form of therapy.  I go where it takes me and explore.”

Nirr, who was never a good student, is proud too of the fact that she made the Dean’s list at Liberty University, before choosing to leave the school due to major philosophical differences for Southern New Hampshire University, where she continues to get honors including being listed on the President’s list multiple times.

“I strive to leave the world a better place than I found it.”



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