Heaven shudders
Hell overflows
Why we kill
God only knows


Just Ice

Killing in the name of God
This to me sounds very odd
When it’s violence that you choose
All we’ll ever do is lose
God wants us to love our neighbor
This why God sent the Savior
Time and time again we choose to hate
Our animal side we always sate
“You must believe just as I do
If not we’ll come and murder you!”
This makes no sense, it’s not God’s will
To hate and hurt, torture and kill!
You’ve got it wrong, you’re in for a surprise
Your hate will be your kind’s demise.
In the end you’ll pay the price
Inside of you, no soul, just ice.

The Ferryman- Picture Prompt, under 100 words Contest Entry

Acheron, river of woe
Into its depths the obol I throw
Kharon, the ferryman answers the call
The boatman places me under his thrall
My soul he carries to distant shores
The world of the living I’m part of no more
Persephone’s kiss I long to receive
My death has honor, this I believe
I step off the barge and walk to her side
Thanking the ferryman for the smooth ride.